Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.
Hippocrates (460 BC - 370 BC) 

I began this road to holistic wellness over 30 years ago; passionate about learning and exploring natural and holistic modalities and healing.  My initial education started with Therapeutic Touch.  Then, having started yoga classes and honouring mind, body, soul modalities and movement, I became a Blue Belt Nia Instructor.  Intuitively connected with holistic healing the simplicity and effectiveness of Bowen Therapy resonated with me.  I studied with the North American Bowen Teaching College, graduating in 2010 and becoming a Reiki Master in 2013 was just another natural transition for me.  These two healing modalities are powerful on their own and, together, can create a very unique and beneficial treatment.  As well, I have now completed my Level One in Bioenergy Healing and recently became a Certified Restorative and Hatha Yoga Teacher!

And the journey continues....

"Always Learning....Learning All Ways!"

Jean Kidd-Miller

Bowen Practitioner

Bioenergy Practitioner

Blue Belt Nia Instructor

Hatha & Restorative Yoga Teacher

Meditations & Visualizations

Wellness Consultant